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I n d i c a t o r    D o g s

Originally formed in 1997 in New Zealand by Dan Young (guitars) and Val Hunting (bass). 

Early demos and a strong live presence attracted the attention of award winning producer Malcolm Welsford who immediately recognized their unique sound and offered to produce the first album.  Welsford founded and built York Street Recording Studio with Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke.   York Street quickly became one of New Zealand’s leading music recording, mixing and mastering facility. 

Indicator Dogs first album, Anschluss, was released by independent label, Antenna records and distributed through EMI.  The album was nominated for best rock release and received rave reviews:

·         “It is not that often that you come across music that is impossible to reference, bands usually sound like someone else.  But Indicator Dogs are a breed of their own.  Known for their blistering live performances and definition-bending musicianship, this is one band for people thinking and listening outside the square.” – NZ on AIR

·         “Indicator dogs are immediately riveting, with their own internationally competitive style of insanity, complete with multifaceted vocals and very cool reverberated guitar licks.” – Victoria Hotckin, Lava Magazine

·         “Twisted complex instrument interplay on a heavy framework.” – ripitup Magazine

·         “It is their sheer power and intensity live that sets them apart.” – Big Day Out Review

·         “Indicator Dogs have their own schtick, not wearing their influences prominently.  Hard to put a finger on, but there’s certainly elements of Helmet’s economic riffery, Shihad’s Churn-era aggression and Pantera’s balls-out rockism.  Indicator Dog’s grasp of dynamics stands them apart though, as their compositions take interesting deviations, weaving through multiple progressions, while always returning to a central theme.  This gives the band ample opportunity to display their musical prowess, the rhythm section in particular, exhibiting devilish dexterity throughout the mercurial meters of these songs.  Guitarist Dan Young has a fine line in chunky riffs, but also knows when to hang back with melodic counterpoint.” – ripitup Magazine

What we have been up to:

After 10 years the long awaited second album is being recorded in Los Angeles by legendary producer Malcolm Welsford (Shihad, Feelers, Supergroove, Breathe, Eight, OpShop, Zed).

A long time fan and friend of the band, the Dogs’ unique music casts a lasting impression on NZ most famous producer:  “There is nothing that sounds like the indicator dogs. I believe this is a completely new sound for the Heavy Rock market and will lead the way forward for New Zealand artists abroad. Once you've heard the new material I think you'll agree the project is a ground-breaker.” Malcolm Welsford, December 2010







Tomas Henry: Vocals. In the words of the great Aaron Rossi: “Star Quality”.  Battled personal demons which resulted in him being dropped from the band between 2002 and 2006 and now has inspired zen-like outlook on life.

Val Hunting: Best female Bassist around.

AAron Rossi: Drummer. “You suck, I Shred”. Grammy nominated.

Dan Young: Guitarist. Self-taught. Founded the band with Val.

What was captured in the recording in LA was ‘emotion’ and ‘energy’. Now the promotion begins, with radio plugging around USA, live touring and music videos.


Val Hunting – bass;                Dan Young – Guitars;               Aaron Rossi – drums;                  Tomas Henry – vocals






Capital EMI/Antenna Recordings



Capital EMI/Antenna Recordings


In The Face of Disagreement(L.P) unreleased – recording in progress

Welsford Productions recording in Los Angeles, USA








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